The teeth are the only part
of the body that cannot be If protect themselves…

Take care of them in time!!


Endodontics tries to save the tooth, which otherwise would have to be extracted. Pulp tissue (nerves, vessels and tissues) is removed by cleaning the root canals and plugging them with a material, to isolate it from the entrance of bacterial agents.

The technique used has changed a lot in recent years.

Thanks to the incorporation of new technologies, it is possible to detect with greater accuracy the ideal length for the preparation of the root canal, achieving a greater interior decontamination.


Other treatments


In the treatment of periodontal disease, it is paramount to release the gingiva and periodontal ligament of the inflammatory process. The procedure and the intensity of the treatment of periodontal disease largely depend on the initial state of the patient.



It deals with the correction of teeth in malposition and when there are problems of malocclusion (the patient does not have a correct bite). This technique achieves that parts are placed in a position aligned, aesthetic and of course functional. Today this treatment can be performed at any age, children, adults and seniors.


Aesthetic Dental

Although the need for dental treatment is to achieve optimal function, our goal is to integrate into our treatment plan aesthetics. This got it using modern porcelains, aesthetic composite and dental whitening.