After the eyes, the first thing you see are the teeth.


It deals with the correction of the teeth in malposition and when there are problems of malocclusion. With this technique it is achieved that the teeth are placed aligned and aesthetic position.
A few years ago, orthodontics was only indicated as a treatment for children. Nowadays this treatment can be done at any age, from children to seniors.

Orthodontics not only treat aesthetic problems, but also problems in function, improving dental health, because with the best teeth position, there is less accumulation of tartar. Sometimes there are phonetic problems due to poor tooth position, which changes the position of the tongue. Orthodontics, in collaboration with a speech therapy treatment, can achieve phonetics recovery.

Dr. Carolina Nebot is pioneer in Spain in the use of the advanced technique of Orthodontics ‘SURESMILE’, since June of 2013 offers doctors and patients benefit from the innumerable advantages that has to treat and be treated with this technique of Vanguard.


The white light scanner will provide a 3D model of the teeth that will be used later to diagnose and plan the treatment.


SureSmile Software will allow you to simulate the different alternatives in the same treatment plan and modify-update this at all times.

Advanced Robotics

Maximum control in bows design and making. Individualized activation of each tooth. Variety in the choice of different materials and sections.


  • 30% less time: the treatment time is shortened since each movement of the teeth is anticipated from the beginning.
  • Fewer appointments, due to the digital treatment plan.
  • Through 3D planning the patient will see the results expected before starting the treatment.
  • Of course, the correction exists also doing it with “invisible” Orthodontics (through the program is designed invisible blades).


  • Scanning: In the first stage of the treatment we will make a special scan of your teeth, these images are introduced in a specific computer program. A 3D model of your dentition is made. What is revolutionary about this method is that a computer controls tooth ved in three dimensions. Especially in cases of oral and maxillofacial surgery, spectacular results are achieved, since the SureSmile Technique reaches a very precise diagnosis and planning.
  • Treatment Plan:
    Based on this first step of Scanning and thanks to a sophisticated program, the computer makes a treatment plan. The patient will see a 3D simulation of the entire treatment, with the movement to be performed on each tooth.
  • Wire Accuracy:
    In this computer-simulated technique in the next step the movement is transferred to the wires. Robotic arms will accurately bend these wires, so it is possible to perform a custom and 100% exact treatment.

Functional Orthopedics

The ideal age for the first visit is at age seven. However, in many cases we decide to begin treatment earlier when an abnormality is detected in the growth and development of maxillary bones or persistent habits, in which the hereditary factor plays an important role in the imbalance of growth. It is through maxillary orthopedics that we can influence and redirect the growth of facial bones using different types of fixed or removable appliances, suitable for the child’s age.

This control of the bones, allows to guide the eruption of the teeth and the development of the jaws thus achieving a dynamic balance during the process of maxillofacial development.

Ortodoncia invisible

The invisible aligners consist of a sequence of transparent ferrules are progressively correcting dental malpositions. Thanks to this, for braces with high aesthetic requirements, metal brackets can be avoided. They can be used in children and adults.

Advantages of Invisible Aligners

  • Use of transparent, barely visible splints
  • It is easier to get accustomed to them than in the case of fixed apartalogy with brackets
  • Can be removed for eating and for brushing teeth. This simplifies oral hygiene and improves comfort remarkably.

How does the treatment work?

The treatment is based on moving the teeth gradually in the desired position. Individualized transparent splints are used for this purpose. Each splint used for several weeks during this period causes a slight movement of the teeth. If the respective treatment stage is completed, the next splint is used until the desired correction is reached at the position of the teeth.

Other treatments


Endodontics is trying to save the tooth, which otherwise would have to be removed. Removes the pulp tissue (nerves, vessels and tissues), cleaning the ducts of the roots and sealed them with a material, to isolate it from the entrance of bacterial agents.



The treatment of children from a very early age is essential to avoid problems in their permanent dentition. It is very important to make fillings in deciduous (baby) teeth to keep space for the definitive that will leave then.



In the treatment of periodontal disease, it is paramount to release the gingiva and periodontal ligament of the inflammatory process. The procedure and the intensity of the treatment of periodontal disease largely depend on the initial state of the patient.